Combine World guarantees that the equipment it sells will work as stated and meet the customer's expectations or we will take the equipment back and refund the purchase price or agreed on amount. Combine World eliminates the risk of purchasing equipment and having no recourse regarding unsuspected problems. Warranty can be tailored to meet the needs of the customer.









1 year warranty, 47 days full cash back!


Combine World takes pride in offering the best warranty in the parts industry.

1 to 47 days: Full cash back, full credit on account, or parts replaced.

48 days to 1 year: Full credit on account or parts replaced.

Electrical components - two-week warranty. Additional warranty (one-year warranty and 47 days cash back) available for an extra cost. Parts $0-$299, standard $30 charge. $300+ = 10% of the cost of the part before taxes.

Our warranty dismisses the myth that used parts are substandard and have only minimal life. This could not be further from the truth. Used, rebuilt, or aftermarket parts make perfect sense. Our no-nonsense "Best Warranty in the Industry" proves that we are confident our parts will meet and exceed your needs and expectations and provide you with the best value possible for your money spent. Check out our huge selection of new parts / components and save significant time and money over OEM.