Fun Facts


- - - 

Combine World handwrote 2,888 Christmas cards for Christmas 2021, sending them all over the world!!

We implemented 277 employee ideas in 2017!

Combine World bought a jumbotron! It’s the largest rural sign in the province measuring
30’ x 13’!

We ship all over Canada, and even all over the world.

Most parts that leave our yard are covered under a 1-year warranty.

Morgan has a degree in Finance, and one time she got stuck in a tire...

7 employees got engaged or married in span of two years.

One time we had goats get into our yard and they head-butted the front door smashing it into
pieces just to hang out in our porch.

The buffalo on the wall in the showroom has a name…it’s Nuisance.

Each full-time employee receives 40 hours of individual training per year.

Eric is a pilot!

We speak English, French, German, Spanish, & Tagalog.

Sheri locked herself out of the building and the compound once and had to scale the fence in a dress.

Dustin, our accountant, is not only good with numbers but can drive all the farm equipment in the yard.

Before Janna was our shipper, she was our detailer and painter.

We don’t work on commission.