Bourgault 5710 Secondary Manifolds


Secondary manifolds.

  • From a Bourgault 5710 air drill
  • Complete with elbow and bracket
  • 11 ports
  • Please call for availability
  • Sold with one year warranty
Secondary manifolds from a Bourgault 5710 air drill for sale at Combine World in Saskatoon, SK. Complete with elbow and bracket. 11 ports. Combine World: Our warranty is better than new. 47 days cash back and up to one year for in-store credit! This item is at our Saskatoon, SK location. A map, showing Combine World's location, 32km southeast of Saskatoon on Highway #16, superimposed on an image of our front lineup. Call us at 1-800-667-4515, or text us at 1-306-250-8839.